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Kilometer Point Zero of the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline. Kome, Chad. Esso Chad file photo.

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  1. alan m dransfield says:

    Where have OXFAM been for the last 10 years ASLEEPon the job or in Exxons Bed.
    The latest OXFAM report is very critical of the Chad/Cameroon Pipeline ,which,incidentally is STILL OPERATING IN A LEGAL VOID.

    The OXFAM report mentions the ECMG and IAG, not one single person of this 10 person panel had previous OIL INDUSTRY expereince and as for Mr Jaqu Gerin, well, hes been sleeping in Exxons bed for YEARS.
    There is prima facie evidence in the IAG /ECMG report to hold a public inquiry into the shannigans of the CCP which is a BOONDOOGLE and safety/environmental timebomb, tick,tock.

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