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Oil jobs for all?


Model-making class at Sigma-Base. Photo by Christiane Badgley

Will the oil industry bring jobs to Ghana’s Western Region? And when job opportunities arise will locals be competitive?

If Ebow Haizel-Ferguson has his way, the answer to both questions will be yes. Haizel-Ferguson is one of the founders of Sigma-Base Technical Services, a job training center in Sekondi-Takoradi.  My latest video dispatch from Ghana features Haizel-Ferguson and Sigma-Base students. It is online at the Pulitzer Center:

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Sigma-Base: Getting Ghanaians ready for oil industry jobs

Sigma-Base training center. Photo by Christiane Badgley

Sigma-Base Technical Services, a private job-training center in Takoradi, recently held a graduation ceremony (or a “passing-out ceremony” as it’s called here) for its first class of 913 trainees. The students, trained in welding, pipefitting, electrical work or specialized construction, were participants in a new program intended to create a qualified labor pool for Ghana’s new oil industry.

With the Sigma-Base training under their belts, the graduates can pursue jobs with any number of companies servicing the oil and gas sector.

“We are already qualified to perform 60% of the jobs in the oil industry,” says Ebow Haizel-Ferguson, the Corporate Affairs and Community Relations Director at Sigma-Base. He disputes claims from officials that Ghanaians will not be qualified for wide-scale oil and gas employment before 2020.

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